As one of the most sophisticated neighbourhoods in Toronto, Yorkville is famous for its elegant shopping and gourmet dining.

Without question, the Mink Mile is a fashionista’s dream as it is home to international high-end designers like Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton. Shopping isn’t the area’s only appeal, walk the cobblestone street for good people watching and dine at some of the city's renowned restaurants.

The community is made up of the large 19th century Victorian styled detached and semi-detached homes, alongside luxury condominiums and apartment buildings.  

Yorkville is one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods.

Noteworthy landmarks include Toronto Public Library. Rosedale Valley, Four Season’s Hotel, Manulife Garden

Annex large

Surrounding the University of Toronto, the Annex community is the perfect combination of academia and free-spirited living. With a good collection of secondhand bookstores, music outlets, museums, theatres and galleries, the streets breathe intellect.

This charming neighbourhood maintains the caracter of Old Toronto as it is instilled with beautiful Victorian style homes and turn-of-the-century architecture. The wide residential roads are bound by tall light posts and big old trees.  

From authentic Japanese dining to wallet-friendly pizza joints, the area is filled with tasty wallet-friendly restaurant options.

Residents in the community are equally as diverse as the area itself, students, families and professional all intermingle.

The Annex offers city living without the non-stop hustle of Toronto’s downtown core.

Noteworthy Landmarks include: The Royal Ontario Museum, The Royal Conservatory, Honest ED’s (now closed), University of Toronto, Hot Docs Theatre



King west

As one of Toronto’s fastest-growing neighbourhoods, King West Village is notoriously known as the city’s entertainment district. Comparable to New York’s Soho area, King West is boasting with some of the city’s trendiest restaurants and cafes. And holds a very popular and active nightlife.

Main demographics living in this area are comprised of young professionals and couples.  People who desire an urban lifestyle that grants easy access to downtown employment opportunities and steps to endless entertainment.

A mixture of modern elegant condos and unique loft spaces make up the majority of residential living in this area. King West Village is also home to Toronto’s growing arts and technology sector.

Noteworthy landmarks include: The Thompson Hotel, TIFF Bell LightBox, Roy Thompson Hall, The Ritz Carlton


Toronto’s Harbourfront neighbourhood is a picturesque lakeside community that attracts endless activities and year-round tourism.  

The winding edge of Toronto’s waterfront is packed with cultural activities and home to a 10-acre Harbourfront Centre that houses markets, studios, and the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. The Water’s Edge Promenade and boardwalk is a kilometre long stretch of beautifully landscape architecture pair with parks, gardens and the well-known Sugar Beach.

As a popular tourist destination, the neighbourhood is a playground filled with multiculturalism for residents and visitors alike.

There are no residential houses in this area but the streets are lined with multilevel condominiums and apartment complexes.

Noteworthy Landmarks include: Toronto Music Garden, Sugar Beach, Water’s Edge Promenade, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Harbour Square, The Harbourfront Community Centre

Bay St. Corridor

All business, all the time! As Toronto’s Financial District, the Bay Corridor is filled with bankers, lawyers, doctors, consultants, and students making this neighbourhood one of the city’s most career-centric areas.

The neighbourhood is comprised of the true essence of Toronto’s hustle and bustle. Glass office towers and stunning luxury hotels catch the eye of many passing by. Though the Bay St. Corridor isn’t a popular dining area, there are still various options tailored to a more corporate outing experience.

Peppered between corporate buildings are residential complexes that house various working professionals and students but not many seniors or young families.

The Bay Corridor is Toronto’s continuous economic push forward.  

Noteworthy landmarks include: Toronto Eaton Centre, Ryerson University, The University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum, Queen’s Park, the Discovery District, Toronto City Hall, Trump Tower


CityPlace is Toronto’s most modernly engineered neighbourhood. With roughly 5.4 million square feet of residential and commercial space, CityPlace is one of the highest density communities in Toronto.  

This concrete jungle area encompasses a rare blend of contemporary art installations and historical parks. Wedged between the Gardiner Expressway and Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, lives a mixture of tall condo buildings, community centres, office spaces and entertainment facilities. Packed with restaurants, shopping centres and parks, there’s little reason for residents to travel outside the area to access daily needs.

Stirring with life, this growing family-friendly district is ideal for residents of all sorts and is appealing to young families and working professionals who are hunting for a diverse urban lifestyle.

As CityPlace continues to grow so does its community spirit.

Noteworthy landmarks include: Rogers Centre, Fort York National Historic Site, Garrison Commons, Canoe Landing, June Callwood Park

Liberty Village

As Toronto’s former industrial area, Liberty Village has transformed into a vibrant community ideal for young professionals. Home to some of the city’s most attractive hard-loft spaces, the community maintains its industrial red brick factory appeal with a modern swing for contemporary living.

With a large number of office spaces, Liberty Village has become a hotbed for a variety of digital firms, advertising agencies and tech startups.

This master-planned neighbourhood pockets a mixture of convenience for residents. With 24-hour grocery stores, an active nightlife and easy access to Toronto’s downtown core, the area attracts people with a work hard play hard mentality.

Liberty Village is a sizzling community desirable to both residents and visitors.

Noteworthy landmarks include: BMO Field, Allan A Lamport Stadium,  Liberty Village Park, Toronto Carpet Factory Lofts


Queen West

As Queen West continues to grow and evolve, the neighbourhood still maintains its trendy artistic vibes. The streets are filled with creativity and lined with boutique shops, niche retailers, and art galleries that collectively attract like-minded people and businesses.

As one of Toronto’s highly trafficked shopping districts, it combines independent shops with big-box retailers.

The dining experience surrounding Queen West is diverse in terms of culture and style and fortunately, most of the restaurants are less expensive than those found a block south on King St.

With a mixture of residential housing and modern condominium buildings, the area holds a more genuine neighbourhood feel. Because of this, the demographics vary among students, working professionals, young families and seniors.

Noteworthy landmarks include: The Drake Hotel, The Gladstone Hotel, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Soho House, Graffiti Alley