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Surrounding the University of Toronto, the Annex community is the perfect combination of academia and free-spirited living. With a good collection of secondhand bookstores, music outlets, museums, theatres and galleries, the streets breathe intellect.

This charming neighbourhood maintains the caracter of Old Toronto as it is instilled with beautiful Victorian style homes and turn-of-the-century architecture. The wide residential roads are bound by tall light posts and big old trees.  

From authentic Japanese dining to wallet-friendly pizza joints, the area is filled with tasty wallet-friendly restaurant options.

Residents in the community are equally as diverse as the area itself, students, families and professional all intermingle.

The Annex offers city living without the non-stop hustle of Toronto’s downtown core.

Noteworthy Landmarks include: The Royal Ontario Museum, The Royal Conservatory, Honest ED’s (now closed), University of Toronto, Hot Docs Theatre