CityPlace is Toronto’s most modernly engineered neighbourhood. With roughly 5.4 million square feet of residential and commercial space, CityPlace is one of the highest density communities in Toronto.  

This concrete jungle area encompasses a rare blend of contemporary art installations and historical parks. Wedged between the Gardiner Expressway and Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, lives a mixture of tall condo buildings, community centres, office spaces and entertainment facilities. Packed with restaurants, shopping centres and parks, there’s little reason for residents to travel outside the area to access daily needs.

Stirring with life, this growing family-friendly district is ideal for residents of all sorts and is appealing to young families and working professionals who are hunting for a diverse urban lifestyle.

As CityPlace continues to grow so does its community spirit.

Noteworthy landmarks include: Rogers Centre, Fort York National Historic Site, Garrison Commons, Canoe Landing, June Callwood Park